Every individual holds a wealth of personal potential but to tap into that we sometimes need support, encouragement and authenticity in the environment to help it shine though.  L.I.F.E (Lessons in Freedom and Empowerment) is Dr. Erika Evans’ therapeutic space where she helps her clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the relationships they hold, while uncovering what it means to live their best life. Dr. Erika founded L.I.F.E (Lessons in Freedom and Empowerment) because she sees the potential in each individual to change their lives for the better.

Dr. Erika believes that each person and each problem is unique and that a “one size fits all” approach to therapy simply doesn’t work.  She approaches her therapeutic work by really getting to know her clients, so that she can gain a clear understanding of their concerns, and work together to create a treatment plan that meets the goals and needs of her clients.  While the treatment approach may vary, clients can always expect the same warmth, respect, openness and genuineness from Dr. Erika. She is committed to providing an affirming safe space that helps clients in their journey of identifying their most pressing concerns and life challenges in order to achieve emotional and relational wellness.

Dr. Erika works with a wide variety of individuals, couples, and families from all backgrounds.  This includes providing individual, couples and family therapy for people of diverse sexual orientations (LGBQ), gender identities (transgender and non-binary), relationship systems (polyamorous, open and kink).

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